2021 Will Be the Greatest NASCAR Season Ever.

The Clash just got a whole lot more interesting. In 2021, the NASCAR Cup Series will run the road course at Daytona to kick off the season. Fantastic decision in every way. The Clash has lost some meaning ever since Budweiser sponsored the event and now it requires a whole new skill set to take the checkered. NASCAR has never run the road course at Daytona as it is reserved for the IMSA series to kick off their season, but 2021 will change everything. The first Next Gen race will take place on a course that most the drivers in the field have never ran on, and shit will get crazy! There hasn't been a change NASCAR has planned to make for 2021 that I truly think is trash. It will be a new era of stock car racing and it has real potential to get the sport back where it was in the mid 2000's. The hype is real and the hype is here. 2021 will be the most memorable season in my lifetime without a doubt.

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