Brian Pattie, Mad Genius

I love a good Crew Chief who has the balls to just say screw you to the rest of the field and call his own race. Pattie got his driver, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. to the lead on a few seperate occasions, being one of a few drivers to to a complete 180 of everyone else. Stenhouse led thirty-or-so laps and stole a 3rd place finish after getting fortunate on a late race caution. Its Vegas, you HAVE to gamble, and it paid off. The 47 Team is well out performing what I expected out of the first two races of the season. They've led laps in both races and Stenhouse will muscel his way to a few extra spots at the end if he has to, I think JTG and Stenhouse will end up being a great pairing. Stenhouse isn't afriad to get his hands dirty and play his odds when it comes to risk versus reward. I expect to see similar calls as the NASCAR season progresses.

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