Coke 600 Preview

You see those bow ties starting up front? I expect them to stay there. Arguably the strongest manufacturer of 2020 and with only one win so far, they are hungry for more. Hendrick is showing signs of their dominant past, they just need to finish races and be there at the end. Unless Kyle Busch is behind you with 20 to go....

Don’t care if it‘s a snoozer or the greatest race I’ve ever watched, I’m just grateful to see cars on track and am so glad we get the luxury. We saw a lot of leaders in last seasons race so I expect to see many names with great track position through the night. Nearly a quarter of the laps in 2019 were run under yellow in this race and the boys haven’t shown they are at their tamest right now so, wreck fest?

Chevy will start our strong and be great thru the middle, but as night creeps in is when the Toyota’s come ALIVE. The usual suspects will be upfront but the winner is Jimmie Jonnson. I will predict that every single race until I’m right because he will win this season. In all seriousness I do see a bow tie in victory lane, but who will it be?

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