The 48 Car Is The Hottest Seat In NASCAR History.

As a 48 fan, I don't know who I want to drive it in 2021. Kyle Larson is probably the best option when it comes to long term success for the future. Ioke up today and saw "Brad Keselowski" and "48 car" being tweeted about a lot and my stomach dropped. I'm not ready for that news yet. Let Jimmie and the 48 team focus on this year for while, then we can talk replacements......buuuut since it was brough up today lets talk replacements.

Brad Keselowski - The best free agent available but will probably depend on how Brad feels toward HMS and wants to be apart of a "rebuild'

Ryan Blaney - Roger Penske would sell Indiana to keep Blaney, absolute longshot.


Alex Bowman - An untalked about likely option to switch camps to the 48. Chase Elliott did it when Byron came thru, so maybe they want to keep the 48 driven by Hendrick blood.

Clint Bowyer - Maybe a filler driver for the team for a year or two. I love Clint and think he is amazing and would love to see him get this opportuinuty, it just doesn't seem in the cards.

Erik Jones - Young, extremely talented, and potentially losing his ride if Christopher Bell lights it up. Come to to the darkside Erik, Ally purple would look good on you.

Matt Dibenedetto - Another driver I think Ford will want to keep around. He is truly developing into a star infront of us and he will only get better. His career trigectory reminds me of MTJ.

Corey Lajoie - Will the letter to Rick Hendrick pay off? I think Corey would keep the car clean and stay out of trouble with the potential of some great development. He is not the most prolific driver on this list, but would be a solid option for the 48.

Bubba Wallace - Similar to Bowyer, would love to see Bubba Wallace in the 48, but it just isn't going to happen.

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