The Auto Club Toyota Curse

Toyota is going to sweep this weekend at Auto Club and then not win at the track for AT LEAST another 10 years. It's miraculous that Joe Gibbs and his team can get a 200th career win for a driver and 500th win for a manufacturer in two consecutive years potentially at the same track. Fontana is becoming a popular place for JGR and Toyota to just flex on everyone and show their clearly superior, but mark my words after 2020 they will have VERY bad luck. As if my witchcraft wannabe ass blog post is going to do anything to stop the dominance of the super team. The last two times NASCAR has been to Cali, Truex won by damn near half a lap and Kyle Busch led 134 of 200 the next. Unstoppable is the only term I can call it. For the love of everything, lets go Chevrolet!

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