The Morning After

Doesn’t it feel like you woke up, hungover as all hell, not knowing where you are, who’s sleeping next to you, and what the hell you drank last night? That’s this Years Daytona 500. The mixed opinions and emotions feels so odd after seeing someone we’ve NEVER seen celebrate, do so. Shouldn’t we CELEBRATE Michael McDowell instead gripe about the racing product? Wasn’t it clear to EVERYONE that this was bound to be a tame event the second half the field got tore up. Not enough cars, not enough draft. The expectation of the average NASCAR fan is unattainable and NASCAR should pay no attention to the critical voices.

Racing is Dangerous. Crashes are scary. I would argue an equal amount of driver injury takes place on tracks not named Daytona or Talladega than those tracks themselves. It is a shame that the expectation is a crash on the last lap when it comes to Super Speedways, but what do you expect? Who doesn’t want a Cup Series win? Michael McDowell will never get fully respected for what he did last night. People will want rule changes, from car to the track itself. There will never be a fully satisfied crowd at the end of a Super Soeedway race. That is one thing I can always expect. Let’s keep a positive energy when Talladega comes around.

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